Sabtu, 18 Agustus 2012

hi all of you for moslem AAPG-ians
happy idul fitri , god bless you

Executive Commitee of
AAPG SC University of Lampung

Kamis, 12 Juli 2012

AAPG SC UniLa Mid Year Activities

AAPG SC UniLa Activities till mid year:

a.Grand Launching AAPG SC UniLa
Grand Laaunching AAPG SC UniLa have finished at university of Lampung on june 30th 2012

b.One Day Course
One day course with the purpose increase ability from professional geosciences to develop student’s ability

c.ExCo Meeting
ExCo meeting with the purpose for make future plan and discuss about AAPG SC UniLa

Recreation with the purpose to make member or non member more friendly and comfort for studying

Fieldtrip with the purpose to look at the field about knowledge from handbook and lecturer

f.Share and Get
Share and Get made from AAPG to share about experience from students who get opportunity in out of university

Senin, 25 Juni 2012

Grand Launching AAPG SC UniLa

Grand launching AAPG SC UniLa will held on june 30th 2012 and july 1st 2012 in geophysical engineering, university of lampung, indonesia
Events will divide to 2 days
First day will make one day course about petroleum geoscience by elok galih k from geophysicist schlumberger
Second day will recreation day in tangkil island, mutun beach, lampung
For aapg member free of charge
Just come in and will get many knowledge :-)

University of Lampung Student Chapter of AAPG has formed

at april 18th 2012, one of AAPG-ians get letter approval from myke mlynek and bryan mc broom, he is rahmat and now become President of AAPG SC UniLa